2017 Trends in Clinical Informatics: A Nurses Perspective

Use of superusers to support an electronic health record

Primary Author:  Laura Ritter-Cox MSN, RN-BC
Organization:   BIDMC

Digitizing patient education and engagement: Implementing an interactive patient care system in a pediatric teaching hospital

Primary Author: Irene Chen BA
Organization:  BCH

Strategic design for a pediatric value-based model of care in a population health IT solution

Primary Author:  Cassandra Hunter MSN, CPNP, RN
Organization:  BCH

Aligning changes in regulatory requirements for restraints with documentation

Primary Author:  Lee Williams PhD ©, RN-BC
Organization:  BCH

Comparing stages of automation of fall prevention protocols

Primary Author:  Megan Duckworth BA
Organization:  BWH

Finding the fitness fit: Perceptions of older adults participating in community based exercise programs

Primary Author:  Kety Silva BA, BSN
Organization:  BWH

 Patient safety learning lab: Design of a colorblind-friendly safety dashboard 

Primary Author: Jenzel Espares BA
Organization:  BCH

Integrating the patient SatisActive model into a patient safety dashboard: Development and initial experiences

Primary Author:  Theresa Fuller Research Assistant II
Organization:  BWH

Creating an audit report utilizing structured text fields to monitor procedural sedation documentation

Primary Author:  Debra Furlong MS, RN
Organization:  BWH

Clinical decision support to achieve compliance with tobacco screening

Primary Author:  Beth Baldwin MSN, MHA, RN
Organization:  BWH

Barriers to use of health information technology tools in the neuroscience patient population

Primary Author:  Kasey Ryan BSN, CNRN, RN
Organization:  BWH

 Nurse driven protocol for influenza immunization for inpatients 

Primary Author:  Anne Bane MSN, RN
Organization:  BWH

Using barcode technology to decrease specimen labeling errors

Primary Author:  Anne Brogan MSN, RN
Organization:  BWH

Leveraging electronic health records to support innovative research

Primary Author:  Kate Hoffman BSN, RN
Organization:  BWH

Evaluation of usage and usability of clinical decision support used to guide nurses to add a pressure ulcer risk plan of care

Primary Author:  Monica Gilmore BSN, RN
Organization:  BWH

Adoption and spread of an electronic patient safety check list to eliminate adverse events in BWH/ Faulkner intensive care unit

Primary Author:  Sarah Rose Slate BA
Organization: BWH

Technology enabled quality improvement (TEQI) : An innovative approach to impatient flu vaccination

Primary Author:  Kelly Harmon MBA, BSN, RN
Organization:  Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Improving inpatient nurse manager quality and safety dashboard and associated reports

Primary Author:  Shelly Stuler MSN, RN
Organization:  MGH

Challenges and lessons learned in the transition of an electronic health record at a pediatric tertiary center within an academic health system

Primary Author:  Kimberly Whalen MS, CCRN, RN
Organization:  MGH

Nurse’s perception of the impact of the use of electronic documentation devices on the nurse-patient relationship

Primary Author:  Elizabeth Bryand RN
Organization:  The Miriam Hospital (RI)

The digital team member: Telemedicine joins clinicians at the bedside for neurology assessment and intervention

Primary Author:  Jennifer Costa BSN, RN
Organization:  Newport Hospital (RI)

Lessons learned in providing clinical decision support for Medicare certifications

Primary Author:  Amy Silver MSN
Organization:  Partners

*Evolution of an Interprofesssional pain assessment reference model for HER implementation

Primary Author:  Sarah Collins PhD, RN
Organization:  Partners


Historical data dependency analysis to guide CDS implementation readiness 

Primary Author:  Karen Bavuso MSN. RN
Organization:  Partners

*Examination of self-reported informatics competencies of nurse leaders using NICA-NL ©

Primary Author:  Stephanie Colman-Brochu DNP ©, MS, RN-BC
Organization:  U of Massachusetts; UMass Memorial

Adoption of an inpatient communication utilizing secured text messaging on smart devise

Primary Author:  Mark Schoell MSN, RM
Organization:  Yale-New Haven Hospital (Ct.)

  • Publication pending
  • BCH - Boston Children's Hospital
  • BWH - Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • MGH - Massachusetts General Hospital